Toddler’s & Wobbler’s

Have you noticed how much attention they require? Our Toddler/Wobbler Teachers are trained to be attentive, patient and active at all times.They strive to provide each child with the environment they need to become social and independent little people. These children are craving to learn about the world around them and we aim to meet that challenge.

Here you will find friendly, energetic children walking and exploring their new found environment. This room is full of movement activities and lively independence. These children are often enjoying art activities, creative movement, storytime, and plenty of other indoor and outdoor discovery activities.

Q & A

Q: Who is a Wobbler?

A: Wobblers are our young 1 year olds. They are just learning to walk and are not yet stable on their feet. We make sure Wobblers can adjust to their new environment with minimal anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed by too many children and activities around them.

Q: When does a Wobbler become a Toddler?

A: When the Wobbler is a strong, confident walker and shows a a bit more independence in the classroom, they are becoming a Toddler. This typically happens around 18 months; however, all children develop at their own pace.

Q: What is in Toddler/Wobbler  playground?

Q: How will I know how my child's day went?

A: You will receive a Daily Report that tells you...

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