Summer Pre-kindergarten (VPK)

Learning in Motion is proud to offer our highly acclaimed VPK program during the summer session. You will find that our Summer VPK program has so much to offer.

In addition to the program features mentioned on our Fall VPK page, here are Ten Reasons why your child will greatly benefit from attending our Summer VPK program.

  1. Our Teacher is a certified Broward County School Teacher that teaches kindergarten during the regular school year. Therefore she is very experienced in helping children transition into kindergarten.
  2. This is a 10 week program, which means your child will be busy with educational, fun activities all summer at no cost to you!
  3. Our extended Summer VPK care is absolutely free. The Summer VPK day is from 9 AM until 4 PM, however you may bring your child anytime after 6:30 AM and pick them up by 6:30 PM.
  4. Our enrichment classes are included, also for free!
  5. Summer VPK classes will have opportunities to enjoy some of our in house Summer Camp field trips and events.
  6. You will have the opportunity to stay in close communication with our staff. Our Director and Teachers are readily available to address any of your concerns as quickly as possible.
  7. We use special techniques to help children learn naturally with fun teaching elements such as hula-hoops, bean bags, balls, jump ropes and many more. Teachers may use a fun obstacle course while substituting academic lessons as obstacles making for an educational, physical and engaging challenge. The children will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!
  8. Once you join us, you become part of our family. We are a small, family operated school and enjoy many close ties with the children and families of our school.
  9.  We use “Let’s Begin with the Letter People” curriculum which is designed to enhance early language and literacy skills. The program targets many areas of language development including building letter knowledge, phonological awareness, language and motivation to read, development of vocabulary, and receptive and expressive language development. The program also has a special emphasis on letter knowledge and phonological awareness.
  10. Your child will begin kindergarten with a tremendous advantage in their knowledge and comfort in a kindergarten classroom setting.

Q & A

Q: What are Summer VPK hours?

A: 9 AM - 4 PM  Monday-Friday (10 week program)

Q: Is Summer VPK Free?

A: Yes, but only to eligible children that have not yet attended the VPK program. If your child already attended VPK during the school year, they are still welcome to join our summer program, however, a weekly tuition will apply.

Q: Does LIM offer Extended Summer VPK care?

A: Yes and it's free!!  Your child may attend our school for 10 weeks at no cost to you; if they qualify for the free program. Again, all VPK age children that did not attend a fall VPK program should qualify.

Q: Will my child have homework daily while attending the Summer VPK program?

A: Yes, this is essential to the success of this intensive program. The children must learn in 10 weeks what the Fall VPK children learned during the regular school year.

Q: Can I conference with my teacher?

A: Yes, you can set up a conference with the Director to meet with your teacher.

Q: Will my child get assessed?

A: Yes, assessments are completed twice per session; you will receive a complete printout of your child's scores. If you have any concerns about your child's progress we are always available for meetings.

Q: What additional ways will LIM track my child's progress?

Q: Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom?

A: Yes, however you must first obtain a full background check that includes fingerprints, as required by Child Care Licensing regulations. Our Director will guide you through the background screening process.

Q: Do I need to send lunch daily?

A: Yes, unless you are interested in ordering from our organic food catering company.

Q: Will my child go on any off campus field trips?

A: They may go on a few, however, we offer on-site field trip experiences throughout the summer for our campers and the VPK class will join in when time allows.

Q: Will my child be tested when entering kindergarten on the skills taught throughout this program?

A: Yes, our school receives a grade according to the success of our students. Presently, we have the highest Fall VPK scores in Cooper City (2012).

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