Fall Pre-kindergarten (VPK)

We offer an all inclusive VPK program with small classroom sizes and very low teacher to children ratio. Our well rounded program incorporates the use of several enrichments classes, field trips, and specialty techniques. Our program includes enrichments classes such as Spanish and Music/Creative Movement. Our classes have additional field trips throughout the school year that correlate to our curriculum, “Let’s Begin with the Letter People”.

Let’s Begin with the Letter People is a program designed to enhance early language and literacy skills. The program targets many areas of language development including building letter knowledge, phonological awareness, language and motivation to read, development of vocabulary, and receptive and expressive language development. The Let’s Begin program also has a special emphasis on letter knowledge and phonological awareness.  

We offer many opportunities throughout the year for families to join in the fun and excitement. A few of the family events are: Octoberfest, Thanksgiving Feast/show, Holiday show/party, Bedtime Stories/Crafts with Mrs. Claus, Pictures with Santa, Summer Olympics, and of course our spectacular VPK Graduation.

Q & A

Q: How many hours is VPK daily?

A: 3 hours

Q: Am I required by contract and the state of Florida to send my child for the 3 hours daily?

A: Yes, your child may be dropped from the program for frequent absences. Attendance is monitored very carefully by our school and the state.

Q: Do we offer extended day VPK?

A: Yes, extended care is offered from 6:30 AM through 6:30 PM Monday-Friday. Please check with the Director about the cost and other details.

Q: Will my child receive homework?

A: Yes, VPK homework is required at our school. It should not take very long and it usually is an opportunity for you to interact with your child and observe their progress.

Q: Can I conference with my teacher?

A: Yes, you can set up a conference with the Director to meet with your teacher.

Q: Will my child get assessed?

A: Yes, assessments are completed three times per year; you will receive a complete printout of your child's scores. If you have any concerns about your child's progress we are always available for meetings.

Q: What additional ways will LIM track my child's progress?

Q: Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom?

A: Yes, however you must first obtain a full background check that includes fingerprints, as required by Child Care Licensing regulations. Our Director will guide you through the background screening process.

Q: Does LIM have a Parent Committee?

A: Yes, we encourage parents to participate in their child's education. We value parental input of any kind and we will do our best to respond to your suggestions.

Q: Will my child be tested when entering kindergarten on the skills taught throughout this program?

A: Yes, our school receives a grade according to the success of our students.

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