Our Classroom for Three Year Olds

In this classroom, you will find children participating in cooperative play that teaches them teamwork, leadership, creativity, sharing and small-group dynamics. They enjoy large and small group lessons along with plenty of center time and outside experiences. Friendships start to emerge and play dates get requested.

The class will delve deeper into the themed curriculum. Teachers may spend more then a week on a particular subject if it really interests the group and subsequently the children start asking more questions about the topics being introduced.

You will observe many children sharing books, discovering the pictures together, pretending to read aloud, and beginning to recognize the letters and sounds.

Q & A

Q: What are some social and emotional milestones for this age group?

Q: What should I look for when observing language and new found communication strategies?

Q: What are some cognitive abilities my child should develop this year?

Q: What type of movement and physical development should I notice?

Q: During circle time what will the children practice?

Q: Can my child be in diapers or pull ups in this classroom?

A: No diapers or pull-ups in this room; everyone is fully potty trained before they graduate to this classroom.

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