What are our classrooms like?

At Learning In Motion Academy, we begin teaching children as soon as they arrive, no matter what age. With the right teaching methods, young children can learn quite a lot, although they may not see it that way. They may just think they are having a fun time playing games with the teachers and other children. And that is the goal of our teaching; to allow children to learn through positive and fun experiences.

Our curriculum is designed to promote all aspects of children’s development (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical) using active learning techniques – while inspiring in the children a love of learning, creating, and participating in the community of the classroom. Our approach is to provide a balance between teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Throughout the day your children are engaged in “Teacher Directed" time as well as “Free Choice Center Time.” Teacher Directed lessons provide the children with fun, age-appropriate experiences that develop specific skills.  Center time consists of child-directed inquiry in the classroom activity areas to enable the children to practice teamwork, leadership, creativity, sharing and small-group dynamics.  As the children progress from preschool to pre-kindergarten, teachers place increasing emphasis on preparation for full-day kindergarten.

Montessori Curriculum is designed to aide and honor the natural universal developmental patterns of children. In this prepared environment the child will independently learn to explore and discover using all of the Montessori centers.

The Creative Curriculum is based on your child learning through their environment. We focus on active movement, sensory, choice, self-esteem, decision making, and social interaction skills. These lessons are designed around a specific theme or topic. They incorporate all subject areas. The teachers will also use Florida's 4 Year Old Standards to help them design their lessons.

The Letter People Curriculum focuses on Phonological Awareness; providing a print rich environment. Phonological Awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds of spoken language. The books provided are designed to offer children a positive Preliminary Reading Experience. They motivate children to read because they are all about their Letter People puppet friends. They allow children to practice handling books and to demonstrate their recognition and awareness of print and book conventions such as: left to right progression of print; distinctions between letters and words; clues that indicate beginnings/endings of sentences; the fact that print (not pictures) contains the meaning of a story; book features (front and back covers, authors’ and illustrators’ names and page numbers); literacy forms (settings, characters, and plot). These books also provide children opportunities to develop and increase: alphabetic knowledge; listening and speaking skills; word recognition; and vocabulary.

Learning In Motion Techniques are incorporated into all of the above curriculums. Your child will participate in exciting obstacle courses to enhance their learning. All subject areas can be used when implementing this specialty teaching technique at our school. You may find your child jumping over hops that have letters or words in them; as they jump they read them aloud to their teacher. Another example might be when a child  follows the shape of a jump rope that is formed into a letter and at the same time says the letters name or sound; maybe even says words that start with that letter.

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