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Wobblers-Toddlers Twos

We are a specialty school that offers classes for children from 1 year old through pre-kindergarten ages. Our curriculum is a unique blend of Montessori and Traditional teaching methods which helps develop successful, well rounded children. Our students receive the best of both educational techniques and equipment; offered at a fair and reasonable tuition. We are excited to offer such a unique program to this community. We call it Learning in Motion.

A wonderful place for a child to learn and grow…..

Learning In Motion is designed to teach children in a fun and creative way, the way children naturally learn through discovery and exploration. We believe this ensures the best possible development of the child’s intellectual, physical, social, and emotional well being. The program emphasizes active movement, self-expression, and life skills. We offer a child-centered, high energy learning environment that allows thinking and learning to be anchored by movement. This movement awakens and activates the brain and creates richer learning experiences.

How to make learning fun for children…

Q & A

Q: What are the classrooms like and what type of lessons will my child experience?

Q: What do I do about lunch and snacks for my child?

A: We are a NUT AND PEANUT FREE school. You can send lunch for your child or you may order a hot lunch from our catering company.

Snacks are brought in daily by our families. You will find a snack calendar on your classroom door. The day you see your child's name, you are responsible to bring the snack listed for the entire class. Parents have found this to be a very convenient arrangement for everyone.

Q: How will I know what is taking place in the classroom?

A: If your child is attending the 1 or 2 year old classroom you will receive daily reports from your teacher at pick up. This report will inform you about potty habits or diaper changes, eating, sleep, and anything the teacher feels relevant.

    You will also receive regular emails with information about our classroom and school wide agendas. (We are a paperless school when possible!)

Q: What type of Curriculum do we use?


We want all of our children to love coming to school and to become life long learners!

Professional child care environment…

Learning In Motion Academy is owned and operated by a life-long educator with a B.A. in Elementary Education and 25 years of experience in Elementary School and Preschool education. Our Director, Ms. Megan, holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and has many years of teaching experience. We strive to recruit and train the best all-around teachers available. We combine this educational know-how with a nurturing, kind and loving spirit for children to make our school a well rounded environment where children can feel safe and enjoy learning and growing during this precious time of their lives.